Investigation and Detective Management Branch




The Investigation and Detective Management Branch (IDMB) under the Davao City Police Office has a long history of service to the City of Davao. Under PNP Memorandum Circular no. 2005—009 dated August 8, 2005 and PNP Memorandum Circular no. 2005-010 dated  July 7, 2005, the existing functions of Investigation were realigned from a section to a Branch.



Under the said realignment, the IDMB shall be headed by a Police Commissioned Officer with the rank of Superintendent and shall be composed of five (5) sections namely the Investigation Section, the Detective Management Section, the Criminal Records Management and Evidence Section, the Warrant and Subpoena Section and the Pre-Charge and Evaluation Section.





  • To provide a professional, effective and efficient investigation of crimes.


  • To gather evidences and ensure the filing of criminal cases against the offenders.


  • To facilitate coordination between the different investigative law enforcement groups.


  • Maintain a data base of all crimes.


  • Perform other task as directed by the City Director.




  • Implement the mandate of IDMB in its crime prevention and crime solution program;


  • Ensure that the investigation of crimes by the investigators are properly done with the end view of arresting the suspects, providing evidence of his/her guilt and see the ends of justice through conviction and rehabilitation;


  • Implement review of investigation policies and procedures and conduct periodic training of investigators to upgrade skills and disseminate jurisprudence, new modus operandi of criminals and latest technology and procedures needed by law enforcers;


  • Ensures availability of data, statistics and information on crimes to guide the PNP hierarchy, the local government, national government and other agencies;


  • To implement such other legal orders from the higher authorities.





The Investigation Section Shall be composed of five (5) desks with each desk tasked to specifically conduct investigation of cases under their own concern to wit:


1. Crimes Against Person Desk – shall monitor and investigate crimes against person as defined under the Revised Penal Code (ex. murder, homicide, physical injuries) and other related special laws.


2. Crimes Against Property Desk- shall monitor and investigate crimes against property as defined under the Revised Penal Code (ex. theft & robbery) and other related special laws.

3. General Investigation Desk – shall monitor and investigate cases defined under special laws and the Revised Penal Code not falling in the area of concern of any other desk.

4. Women and Children’s Protection Desk – shall monitor and investigate crimes in relation to women, children and gender based crimes as defined by the Revised Penal Code and other special laws such as RA 7610, RA 9261, RA 8353, RA 9208, RA 7877 , etc.

5. Fraud, Economic & Cyber Crimes Desk – shall monitor and investigate cases involving crimes against public interest defined under the Revised Penal Code as well as those in connection with RA 8792, RA 8484 and other related special laws




The Detective Management Section shall be responsible in detecting criminal elements before they can commit crimes and to cause the arrest of those who have committed crimes by providing evidence against them and to ensure their arrest and neutralization. Further responsible for tracking missing persons and assist the warrant and subpoena section in tracking wanted persons.




The Warrant and Subpoena Section shall be responsible in the service of warrants of arrest and the service of subpoena, summons and other court processes. Ensure the return of the court processes on the required time and proper court.





The Criminal Records Management and Evidence Section shall process arrested suspects for booking, fingerprinting and photographing. It shall be responsible in the handling and storage of confiscated evidences. It shall also receive, process and issue police clearances requested by the populace for local and international requirements and for other legal purposes.



The Pre Charge Investigation and Evaluation Section shall receive administrative complaints against PNP personnel under the administrative authority of the City Director; conduct pre charge evaluation and if evidence will warrant shall recommend for the summary hearing proceedings; monitor the conduct of the investigations.


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