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Overview of the PCR Master Plan

With the clarion call for the establishment of a strong Republic having been made by the resident her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the PNP initiated its very own programs to forge a united front of neighborhood partners in order to give added strength to its law-enforcement effort.  There initiatives are the PNP’s way of contributing its own fine stone in the edifice of concerted hands and efforts synergized to make the Philippines competitive in the new millennium nationalism and commitment to its creed of service.


To assist and advise the City Director in the planning, directing, coordinating, supervising, and controlling the PCR programs, projects and activities of the PNP.  To perform other task as directed.


To restore public trust and confidence in the PNP; and To improve community participation and inter-agency coordination in support of police activities.


1.  OPLAN SAMBAYAN – with its mission is to organize the different community sectors, and forge a united front against crime, insurgency and other forms of lawlessness.
a. Awareness and Education – The target sectors shall be subjected to an awareness campaign activity like face-to-face interaction, with the support of the tri-media.  The purpose is to educate, enlighten and create an understanding of the police programs and of government efforts, and correct distortions or misperceptions most crimes are solved with information coming from people. Another purpose is to highlight the heroism, sacrifice and gallantry of PNP  men and women and create modern heroes for the PNP.  The higher purpose is to awaken citizen responsibility in the peace and order effort and to the national development programs.


b. Organizing community- Immediately after conducting an awareness campaign, the target sectors must be formed into formal organizations with local chapters to ensure citizens involvement.  These civic groups and NGO’s will later be federated into regional and National Chapters.  The middle class shall be specially targeted since they are among the most active members of society.  Community organizing will eventually change the mind-set of the police and that he or she is an integral part of the community.


c. Mobilizing communities – The organized sectors shall then be mobilized to participate in community – oriented activities or for purposes of maintaining peace and order.  The idea is to help the citizens developed their own ability not only to prevent crimes but also other concerns.  This means empowering people towards promotion of peace and order.  Necessarily, the PNP, as the initiator and pace-setter in this project shall have to pinpoint particular activities which specific organizations will undertake.


This PCR plan must be guided by the QUAD concept, spearheaded by the PCR, operations, intelligence and investigation components community support and participation by the government machinery.
2.  OPLAN SANTINIG – to provide adequate, accurate, relevant and timely information about the PNP programs and activities and to clarify issues relevant to the PNP thru tri-media.
a. Internal Communication – must also address the members of the PNP themselves.  They must be informed and given enough knowledge which they can share with the public.  They must be made to identify with the goals, objectives and task of the PNP.  The purpose of internal communication and motivates organizational and individual discipline.
b. External Communication – To address the public needs for information and to motivate community involvement in the total peace operations of the PNP.
Key Activities:

Internal Audience:

Police Information and Education ( PI&E)

Establish a regular evaluation schedule and stick to it religiously.  Use sessions to discuss the transformation activities.


Seminars, lectures, Value formations fora and other trainings:

Conduct in-house seminars, lectures, value formation for which highlight the need for good rapport with the public. Link with professional groups to explore their own experience and imbibe their BEST PRACTICES.


External Audience :
Linkages with opinion-makers and key communicators.  Conduct of Peoples Day, Establishment of Community contact centers and multi-media Activities.


c. Communication Plan.


d.  Media Management.



The Police Community Relation Branch (PCRB) has five (5) functions as mandated by the PNP National Headquarter which is included in the PCR Masterplan to wit:


  • Exercise primary functions in the implementation of all activities pertaining to Police Community Relation.


  • Carry-out the strategies, policies and plans formulated by the national headquarters geared towards enhancing the PNP role in pursuance of the national policy of reconciliation people security and development assistance.


  • Implement the measures to improve the psychological stability condition of society through effective measures required by security operations.


  • Implement programs designed to generate positive perceptions towards the government in general and the PNP in particular.


  • Assist other government agencies and non-government agencies in the conduct of activities contributory to the maintenance of personnel.




  • SAMBAYAN SECTION – as embodied in PCR Master Plan.


  • SANTINIG SECTION – as embodied in PCR Master Plan.


  • FJGAD SECTION – Serve as a focal point on matters relative to gender and development (GAD).  Formulate policies, program and action plans and conduct trainings, seminars, dialogues and conferences for police personnel and their families in the Barangay, neighborhood organizations, community councils and the like for the purpose of addressing family violence, gender equality, non-discrimination among women, effective parenting juvenile delinquency.


  • SALAAM SECTION – To support government campaign against terrorism and criminality involving lawless Muslim personalities and to undertake close monitoring, networking and liaisoning activities with the Muslim communities. Serve as coordinating body among the regular PNP operating units, different Salaam police and AFP units in the conduct of operations against Muslim personalities or Muslim communities including arrest, investigation and filing of cases against them to ensure that the rule of law is properly observed and human rights are not violated.



5.   DARE SECTION – trained PNP personnel on DARE who conducted lecture on the ill-effects of Drugs to elementary and high school students and submit reports to higher headquarters.


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